Flyers & Playbills

Playbill Ad Form
Please use this playbill ad form (link here) to the Concert Program.  Ads will be in color this year!  In addition to this form, please have the advertiser send in a pdf (jpg or png is also OK) with the actual ad.  Remember that an original digital file gives much better quality than a scanned image.

Deadline to send in is March 13.

Concert Flyer
Here is the Concert Date flyer for our April 8th concert (20th Anniversary Concert).

Concert Song Playlist
Thanks to Erika Littles (Sop 2) for putting together a Concert Playlist on YouTube for our 20th Anniversary Concert with recordings of the songs we are performing.  They are not all the same arrangements as ours (such as The Look of Love is women and men, not just women as we are doing it), but they are the same composers and arrangers so it should help you with practicing. Don’t get used to their tempos, volumes, cuts, etc. because you know me, I have my own style!!

Blue Rocks
If you’re attending, please register using this Ticket Order Form.  Turn it in by April 8.